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Over the years we have been truly blessed having caring and dedicated staff, making Eagles Nest, is a source of inspiration, relaxation and comfort.  Our guests have often expressed genuine thanks for their stays.  That always makes our work more than worth while.  


Our Cleaner and back up Manager:

For the last ten years we have had support staff who have helped us with change overs and upgrades to our Eagles Nest property.

For the last five years we have worked with our main prep professional Josephine ___________ who, along with others under her supervision, have carried out our change overs from one group to another in an excellent way.  Josephine, her husband and her additional support staff are like family to us.  This is why she, and they have been with us so long now.  As Josephine says:  “we help each other”.

Our Gardener and Handyman Andrew:

Andrew has been working with us over three years now.  He helps us with the Garden and Handyman work as well.  He ensures our Eagles Nest property is kept at a good maintenance level.

The Man behind the Woman:

Our other technical/marketing team member is none other than Deanna’s partner of ten years, Paul.  Paul (along with Deanna) does the day to day correspondence, booking and contract agreements with guests.  He also is our main Website designer, and has been for the past few years.

The Woman behind everything!

Deanna Kasta (an Architect interested in restoring historic buildings), is the heart and soul of our Eagles Nest property.  She is the “brains” behind the operation, directing most facets it progress.  She purchased, and has continually operated Eagles Nest since 2007.  She is still loving this work and obviously is very good at it.  All of the rest of us can attest to that!

We hope you will see and feel her special touches when you come!